How to Measure the Effectiveness of HR Communication (FT Press Delivers Elements)

Definitive is a strong descriptor to include in a title. Then again, Davis Your Attention, Please, and Shannon have penned what is probably the first if not the most accessible introduction to the art of communicating with employees.

What cinches their claim about the importance of communication? That it contributes to productivity, which, in turn, boosts profitability. This is a very prescriptive manual, aimed primarily at human resources executives, with lots of visual steps and reminders about actions to take, from framing the message to recruiting talent. A clear, concise with occasional lapses into jargon aid for any professional who motivates employees every day.

The examples and illustrations reflect actual issues and challenges we face and are a good reminder of how easily we can disconnect with our audience. The tips, tools, and guidelines are clear and effective in demonstrating alternative approaches to generating employee interest and understanding. I enjoyed reading it, found it very helpful, and have already begun using some of the suggested methods.

The book is organized so you can find what you need and use what you find.

Written in a clear, easy-to-read format, you will find practical steps, real life examples, and realistic suggestions that, if followed, will dramatically improve the success of your communication events. Take the time to digest this book, follow the advice, and you will see measurable improvement in an area that has been difficult to get right for many organizations.

HR professionals know their work is pivotal to organizational success. But they also know how difficult explaining their programs can be. Hampered by lawyers, complexity, and politics, too many HR organizations create boring, confusing messages—and get ignored.

Increasing Employee Productivity: The Strategic Role That HR Essentially Ignores | ERE

This book will help you dramatically improve the effectiveness of every message you create. Renowned HR communications experts Alison Davis and Jane Shannon present simple, powerful principles and techniques every HR professional can use—even those who hate to write. These techniques are working right now for dozens of great companies: They will work for you, too.

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The Hr Answer Book: Handbook for Strategic HR: From Hello to Goodbye: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People. Customers who bought this item also bought. The Employee Engagement Mindset: Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Empowering Organizations by Encou If you believe as most should that the combined efforts of the human resource function should positively influence the performance capability of the workforce instead of hindering it, you should understand the factors that influence performance.

Managing workforce productivity involves accepting responsibility for optimizing the ROI return on investment for labor expense, just as other functions do for their activities. If you work in HR or talent management and you are looking for an opportunity to have a major strategic impact, consider setting up an internal productivity consultant team that provides the same kind of high-quality expert advice that a McKinsey or BCG might provide only with better knowledge of the company problems, opportunities, and culture. The rate of knowledge worker productivity gains will separate enterprise winners from losers throughout the 21st century.

The points of maximum focus and leverage lie with the reporting relationships of individual people managers and team leaders. Flatter organizations, with larger spans and fewer tiers, nevertheless present very similar challenges. In most organizations people managers outnumber HR professionals i. So the highest and best use of HR Professionals, in the quest for productivity gains, is by serving as enablers of people managers. Leaders and senior executives must do their part, which starts with defining and communicating the clear and compelling enterprise purpose.

Productivity gains must accelerate purposeful value creation in that enterprise context.

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Other necessary leadership conditions include a stable and secure growth platform, authentic leadership, pervasive bidirectional trust and deep caring for employee wellbeing. Upper middle managers must work with HR to connect with people managers and provide mission-specific i. The best thing HR can do is show leaders, senior executives, upper middle managers and other people managers the ways to accomplish essential knowledge worker productivity gains with simplicity, transparency and accountability.

The biggest part of that challenge involves developing and sharing understandings of how to inform people processes and people decisions, as well as how to motivate and reward knowledge worker performance. A critical part of the recipe for success, and a place where HR should exert considerable influence, is in the use of pre- and post-hire assessments and surveys to provide leaders and managers with actionable information about the individuals and teams who must consolidate the productivity gains.

Applying the latest research contributions to motivation and rewards will add measurably too.

Finally, those businesses that adopt a rigorous, robust and unambiguous framework for formulating, validating, aligning, communicating, executing and monitoring enterprise strategy that best serves their enterprise purpose will add turbo boost to their knowledge worker productivity gains.

Businesses have all the necessary tools at their disposal, but organizations will have to make systematic changes for the better to thrive or survive. Productivity gains lagged those necessary to maintain standards of living, let alone build sustainable advantage. ISTM that for the past several years, productivity gains have not been passed on as higher wages and benefits to workers, but rather as increased profits to shareholders and bonuses to the most sr.

To hell with that! Yes…Employee Engagement is the most important endeavor in achieving Effective Business Change as well as helps in increasing the Company Productivity Sapience http: Employees are expected to completed the multiple tasks at once. So managers fill their work hours with various projects, meetings and corporate activities. However, Effective time management is critical to the productivity and profitability of any business. At our office, We have been using time management software from Replicon.

Thank you for this insightful article! In order to add my contribution, especially for the Resourcing Factors, I can recommend a good tool to enhance employee productivity: I think tablets are the most disrupting tool for productivity that has emerged this last decade. I use it with Beesy http: I also think that before increasing employee productivity, you have to measure it. You can even do it automatically. How to Become a Panel-lay-up Worker. How to Become a Outpatient-admitting Clerk.

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