Pop Princesses

Pop Princesses

And have we mentioned the summer home that's now the primary home and its charming habit of dropping parts of the ceiling at inopportune times? Pop Princess recalls Bling for me -- only it does many things right. While Kayla is the same sort of diva we saw in Bling, she's also more rounded. She's got a host of good points and she does work for her goals. She may be jealous and insecure, but she leads Wonder down the path smoothly, protecting her at times and pushing her to bigger and better when Wonder most needs it.

There's more going on here. Wonder tries to navigate guys.

She loses her virginity, not to a groupie but to a guy she thinks she cares about. It means something to her and throws her into a tizzy. Talk about a very real reaction. Even her career trajectory makes sense.

Pop princesses of the noughties: Where are they now?

She hits the very top. She transforms -- but she's not entirely happy with who the record company wants her to be. She'd rather be a size eight and not spend all day working on her dance moves and her voice. She's loving every minute of this life, but she's also acutely aware of what she left behind. There are even some dark secrets she has to face. This may be the part of the book that's most disappointing because it seems almost brushed over, but that's okay. There's still so much more fun going on; this shouldn't be an issue book.

It should be a fun read about a girl working to realize a dream -- and then realizing other things, too. Wonder may not have one of those epiphanies where she realizes what's missing from her life. Rather, she tries things and makes choices.

Late 90s & Early 00s POP Princesses, Girl Groups & Boy Bands: Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, 98 Degrees etc

I hated closing this book and leaving her behind. That is the mark of a great read. Add in the fact that the music angle rings true, and this is one I'll be suggesting to … well, everyone. Sep 26, Sophia rated it it was amazing.

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This book was great. I loved it a lot. It was a sad, funny and interesting story. I thought that the way the character Kayla was shown in this book is what really happens to some young celebrities. Its hard to stay grounded, and Kayla couldn't do it.

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She has written many YA novels, including three that she cowrote with her friend and colleague David Levithan. Even Ka This book is soooo good. Jen tries everything in her power to make Wonder look bad, stupid, and not worthy of Chase the boy they like and her friendship. Wonder really looked up to her sister. Apr 08, Mfeldscher added it. May 07, J.

The character Wonder had he own way of dealing with things. It was hard to determine her personality sometimes, because she was different in a lot of ways. I thought her personality changed sometimes. May 07, J. I enjoyed this book. Wonder is the younger sister of pop star Lucky, who was killed in a car accident before the story opens. When Lucky's former manager taps Wonder as the next pop princess, Wonder learns more about the industry and her sister, seeing beyond the persona created to the woman Lucky might have become.

If you're a fan of pop culture, you'll enjoy this book. It's also the perfect read for girls who idolize the pop industry and its princesses. Jul 09, Beth Cipriano rated it it was amazing. I wish there was a book about Lucky. But that would be a different story. How to say this nicely This is the first novel I have read as a more aware adult person yes after seeing how this review ends I decided I needed to make that more open ended. It's kind of painful to listen to an abridged audiobook, I imagine the only thing harder than listening to it would be to actually be "the guy" editing the book, prepping it, for the abridgement i's castration.

Seriously, what is wrong with me? Yes, I'm losing it, it went a little dark back there, now the light is missing] the mess out of a woman's vagina is a little bit too much for me I'm so happy my brain is having this moment with what I'm typing vs. Did I intend for the audience to read it as sarcasm, or for me to know I was kidding I mean I thought I was kidding - lord jesus, protect me] , it's awful I want it to stop. I'm finishing this here. I have a few too many moments where I just can't accept the content due to the missing parts.

Maybe one day when I'm feeling pretty sad [Sadder than what? More violence to genitals just hit me. This is getting too weird Man, I am going to look back much later from now and think I was on something Wait isn't that the first thing drug addicts say? Ok how about, I am drug free. Wait that still implies Apr 08, Mfeldscher added it. This book is really such an amazing book! It's about a girl name Wonder Blake whose whole world came crashing down when her sister lucky died when she got hit by a drunk driver.

Wonder is now a lonely girl working at the local Dairy Queen. Ever since her sister had died her life isn't as great anymore due to family problems. When a big time record producer comes into the Dairy Queen and hears her singing to the radio her life is about to change. He offers her a huge record deal then she reall This book is really such an amazing book! He offers her a huge record deal then she really cannot refuse. At first her mom says no but with the encouragement from Wonder her mom finally says yes!

Pop Princesses, Vol. 2 [Bonus DVD]

Wonder turns into a pop stars and gets to start to hang back out with Lucky's two best friends. This is such a great inspirational book, with the message behind it of never giving up. This book was really ,really good it's about a girl named Wonder Blake shes your average 15 year old girl who lives a wierd life her sister Lucky died from a drunk driver at age seventeen. So Wonder becomes a pOP Princess and her dad doesn't think it's a good idea because Wonder's grades arn't doing to hot but Wonder's mom said yes!

Feb 18, Nicole lost in the book's world rated it it was ok Shelves: Not much of tags I will said this book is 2. I don't know why. But Wonder Blake was very selfish until her brother told her that she was drama and ruin their family. Until at end, she finally get good and have relationship with someone. I have lost my motivation to type this crap review I guess this book is no good. I always write a review whenever the book is very good!

Sep 24, Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my favorite books of all time, this is truly my guilty pleasure. I've read this over and over so much, the binding has cracked. Having been a fan of pop music before this book came out, I was really interested in the fictional view from the other side. I usually read this about once a year, and I still love it. But, reading this book really shows the life of how much of a struggle it is. Also it shows you how good it is to live out your childhood as a regular teen.

Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn

Sometimes either looking back or living it now you can realize that. Jan 09, Vic rated it really liked it. This was a really good book, and I'm so glad that I decided to read this! A bunch of my friends judged me for the cover, but this is one of the books where I can confidently say 'Don't judge it by the cover! I really enjoyed it, and would totally recommend it. It had a realistic outlook, and the main character was very real and masterfully written. I enjoyed the journey and character development throughout.

This was a short and cute read about a girl who is trying out a life as a pop princess but didn't end up enjoying it that much or being that popular that make her wish to stay. There wasn't much plot twist but was engaging enough. Dec 03, Molly Spurlock rated it it was ok.

Cringeworthy all the way through. May 11, Bel rated it liked it. It ended more abruptly than I remember. Despite being well-written and believable, the story is kind of I still sort of liked it. Jun 17, Jessica Booked J rated it really liked it Shelves: Pop Princess was my first Rachel Cohn novel and certainly not my last -- and I instantly fell in love with all that is this fluffy and fun read. I can't remember why I picked up a copy at the library when I did, because looking back I think 'wow, the title is so cheesy' and I begin criticizing the cover art.

I think that what drew me in is the promise of something light and the hopes of making it in the music industry -- at the time, I was still fawning over books such as "Gossip Girl", "The Insiders" and "The A-List" and this seemed to be in a similar vein.

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But it was so much more than that. Honestly, this novel surprised me and I read it within a couple of days -- constantly reading chapters before bed and during study hall. I fell in love with Wonder Blake, our main character and her story. Rachel manages to capture your attention with a fast paced story of the changes that can take place in ones life after the death of a sibling.

Once upon a time, she and her sister had been on a children's program think: Zoom or the Mickey Mouse Club and things had been upbeat for them. Her older sister, Lucky, had the promise of becoming a star with two of her friends as they formed a girl group. But then, Lucky dies. During the aftermath of the families loss, they moved to their old summer home and attempt to move forward with their lives.

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Wonder, her parents and younger brother all attempt to adjust to the loss and their new life. Our girl often ends up being teased relentlessly for the work she'd done as a child and isn't exactly well liked -- but at least she has two friends and a job to pass the time away. One day it all changes, again, for Wonder and she is given the chance to record a demo. Reunited with some people from her old world -- including the two girls who'd been her sister's friends -- she embarks on a mission to receive a recording contract.

But in her mind, Lucky was always the star; this was supposed to be her life. Lucky was the special one. Even so, Wonder manages to receive the chance of a lifetime and is well on her road to being one of the next great pop princesses. She also learns a thing or two about her sister that opens her eyes to a whole world, a whole other side, to the girl she once knew. Overall, Pop Princess is light. It's fun and an ideal novel for your summer reading. And most of all, it has a heart.

Don't let the title or plot fool you, there is more to Pop Princess than meets the eye.

It's a story of self discovery, falling in love, loss and everything in between. Feb 02, Addison Lindsey rated it really liked it. Rachel Cohn wrote a book that I feel like many teenage girls could relate to.

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She made a tragedy turn into something good. When you look at the title you would never guess the story that you will end up reading. Pop Princess shows the life of a normal teenage girl, but when someone in the past comes back into your life it can change everything. Wonder Blake was a normal 15 year old girl working at a normal Dairy Queen in a new town her parents just relocated in because after the death of her o Rachel Cohn wrote a book that I feel like many teenage girls could relate to.

Wonder Blake was a normal 15 year old girl working at a normal Dairy Queen in a new town her parents just relocated in because after the death of her older sister Lucky they needed a new beginning. Lucky was on the verge of becoming a teen idol, a pop princess when she died. She was heading to New York City with her mom. Wonder had a new look, had a hit single, and she was going to be the opening act for the Superstar Kayla. I believe that any teenage girl could have a different effect from this book because I know mine would be different from someone elses, but I do know this.

It will have you hook and all you would want to do is keep reading and find out what happens. Nov 03, Ta'niya added it. I seriously love this book it is so funny, sad, and inspirational. Wonder Blake is the main character and she goes through a lot. Like trying to find herself and what she really wants in life. She is so jealous of Wonder because Wonder was famous she was on this teen show but the producers cancelled the show and the guy that Jen likes, Wonder likes to.

Jen tries everything in her power to make Wonder look bad, stupid, and not worthy of Chase the boy they like and her friendship. It is the best part because she does all of the preparation by working out and training her voice to be a pop princess.

You get excited to see what will happen next, especially when her single goes number one on the pop charts. I would say the people that could really play this story is Brittney and Jamie Lynn Spears. It would really make since of the bond that they have and how Wonder and her sister have.

Plus Jamie Spears could handle the acting. Apr 11, Layne Heidy rated it liked it. I thought the book was surprisingly good. I for some odd reason could not put the book down, which to say the truth I do not know why. The book made me feel like the character in a way where I wanted to know where my life was heading, and if the decisions I was making were really worth it in the end.

The end of the book helped me figure out who Wonder was. Wonder got everything she could have ever wanted, and it made her mom and dad happy too. Wonder was a very strong character in my book, and that fact made me feel stronger as a human being. Most recently, she features on E! Pink provided a punk alternative to the sweet as pie singers du jour in the early noughties. She has a daughter Willow four with husband, Carey Hart. She is still singing, albeit to much smaller audiences — earlier this year, she promoted her new single in a strip club.

She released her self-titled album in with hits like Foolish and Happy tearing up the charts at the time. Not to mention, she was dating rapper Nelly which saw her name in the headlines after her popular in music waned. Special Victims Unit in recent years and last year, she released a successful Christmas album. Caitlin McBride If only all interviews involved the same levels of honesty, enthusiasm and ambition as a conversation with Sonya Lennon.

Caitlin McBride It's hard to ignore the juggernaut that is Crazy Rich Asians and its influence - and pervasiveness - to Pop princesses of the noughties: Where are they now? In , Britney Spears shocked audiences when she stripped down to a flesh colour sequinned suit on stage. Exclusive 'Anybody who says they have it cracked is lying in some way' - Sonya Lennon on Who is Gemma Chan?

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